Sapphire Fire Retardant blowtorch

Sapphire Flame Retardant for use on many materials.

Sapphire Flame Retardant is a remarkable flame retardant product for use on many materials.

Sapphire Flame Retardants

Draping can be sprayed on draping rails, onsite in Marquees, at Exhibition stands. The same applies to backdrops. Curtains and soft furnishings can treated in offices, venues, hotels and public areas.
A certificate is issued after treatment.

The chemical is sprayed directly onto fabric/area and dries as fast as water takes to dry on the same area. It is not dangerous except for the eye area. Wash with water.

Main causes of fires at home

Fires in kitchen
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Many applications

It is effective not only on natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc) but also on most synthetic materials. (including acetate, acrylic and polyester fibres and blended fabrics). It imparts excellent flame retardancy to these materials and reduces afterglow to a minimum.

It can be applied to fabrics and many other materials, by spraying or by dipping. Fabrics retain their elasticity. It does not crystallise, is of watercolour and consistency, is supplied ready to use and does not mark or stain.

Compliance and Approval

Many fire authorities are recommending Sapphire Flame Retardant. Fabris that have been processed with our product are approved.

A flame retarding product is not a fireproofing product. It will not stop material from charring in the vicinity of the flame. In the case of thermoplastic materials such as nylon, it won’t stop melting.
But the big hazard with fire is the ability of flame to spread. On most flammable materials this causes damage over a wider area. With an efficient flame retarding product, such as Sapphire, you stop the spread of flames. This limits the spread beyond the area of contact as well as the risk from any dangerous afterglow.

Treated garment with Sapphire

Flame Test - Blow torch exposure for extended period.

A gas flame is placed against a piece of fabric treated with Sapphire Flame Retardant.

Once the flame is removed there is no residue flame or flame spread

Fabrics and Textiles

Sapphire is adapted for the treatment of natural and synthetic fibre textiles.

work cloths, 
work gloves, 
mattress ticking, 
upholstery, and 
tenting materials, 
vinyl, etc.

It is excellent for flame retarding cupboards, insulating papers, matchboards, crepe and tissue papers, decorating papers and moulded paper products.

It can be used on foam rubber, unfinished timber, finished timber, leather and many other flammable materials.

  • There are also many speciality products for which Sapphire will ideal. ;
  • dried grass matting and 
  • certain synthetic plastics such as
  • styrofoam and styrene

Construction and Functions

It can be used on building construction materials. Including unfinished timber and acoustic ceiling tiles.
It can be applied to wood by spraying or by paintbrush, then painted or varnished over. It can also be added to PVA / water-based varnishes.

For all normal flame retarding requirements, Sapphire gives durable protection. It will withstand many dry cleanings in a water-free solvent.

No home, institution, factory, hospital or place of public gathering should ever be without the protection offered by Sapphire.

The product was developed to positively flame retard almost every flammable material. The scope in the home is obvious but the use of the product has now developed far beyond this one application.

It has become widely used by campers, caravanners and boat owners.

Commercially, it is being used by theatres, clubs, cinemas, exhibition halls, schools and many other places of public gatherings. It has now been taken up by aircraft and automobile manufacturers, car rental companies and in industry in general to provide protection wherever there is a fire hazard. The new Cape Town International Convention Centre has made use of the product in some of it’s public areas.

In addition to supplying the product, we will also carry out the treatment process.

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